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January 25, 2024

Table des matières

Remote work boasts many benefits including a more positive work-life balance, access to greater opportunities, control over your commute, and so much more. Despite the resounding benefits, there are pitfalls. One of the largest downfalls of remote work is arguably isolation. Organizations are failing to make remote employees feel connected and included which can ultimately be detrimental to the organization's culture. In order to mitigate this risk, it is now more important than ever to provide remote team building opportunities that prioritize inclusivity and connection. 

Team building opportunities helps build trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration. Luckily, there are many Zoom apps that make it possible to connect and collaborate from afar. Keep reading to unlock the best Zoom Apps for team building!

Why is team building important? 

Team building is incredibly important. Even more so for a distributed workforce. Remote or hybrid employees that don’t have the opportunity to connect in-person must prioritize virtual team building opportunities. Whether it be scheduling a daily chat to mimic watercooler interactions or participating in a team-wide virtual escape room, what’s most important is finding time to connect and get to know coworkers beyond work. 

Effective team building means engaged employees that are more inclined to work cohesively towards shared organization goals. Properly planned team-building activities will strengthen collaboration and help foster a productive work culture by building rapport between teammates and encouraging team members to embrace each other’s core strengths and weaknesses. 

4 of The Best Zoom Apps for Team Building: 

  1. #AskAway

Do you struggle to fill time before and after meetings? If you frequently find yourself hosting meetings with awkward silence before and after your meetings, #AskAway is an excellent Zoom App that is designed to fill buffer time. This Zoom App makes it possible for meeting hosts to fill awkward silence with fun, and interactive questions. This is also a great tool if you’re looking for new ways to get to know your teammates. 

This simple integration works by posing a multiple choice question about a colleague that participants are then prompted to answer. After all participants have answered the question, the Zoom App will reveal the correct response while revealing the percentage of players that got the answer wrong and broadcasting the players that got the answer right. This can be a super fun way to introduce a bit of healthy competition among teammates into your daily meetings! 

  1. Funtivity

Team building can be incredibly difficult with a distributed workforce. Employees and employers alike are constantly looking for ways to engage employees and peers from afar in an attempt to build a more unified team. Luckily, tools like Funtivity make it possible for teams to connect and have fun virtually. Funtivity is an employee engagement Zoom App designed for a distributed workforce. With more than 30 different activities and new content being published every week, Funtivity is a great way to make virtual happy hours more exciting! With the Funtivity Zoom App, Zoom meeting participants can go through virtual escape rooms, compete in trivia, and complete challenges- all without leaving Zoom! 

  1. Jeux d'équipe

Have you been struggling to create a fun dynamic between Zoom meeting participants? If so, team games may be for you. Whether you’re searching for the perfect icebreaker or looking for fun ways to liven things up with your teammates, Team games is a great Zoom app that makes it possible for you as the meeting host to facilitate games and launch challenges between meeting participants. Simply download the Zoom App, get a shared link, share it with meeting participants, and you’re ready to game Games and icebreakers include fan favorites like minigolf, hangman, Pictionary, and trivia! 

Caractéristiques notables : 

  • La liste des nouveaux jeux s'allonge sans cesse.
  • Liens uniques pour chaque sortie ou jeu.
  • Des jeux accessibles aux équipes de toutes tailles. 
  1. Kahoot

If you’ve been looking for a fun way to introduce a little healthy competition into your next Zoom meeting, Kahoot is for you!Kahoot is a game-based learning platform that makes it incredibly easy to create, share and play learning games! Despite being created for learning, Kahoot is often used to have fun online. As the world leader in game-based learning, Kahoot hosts millions of students and professionals that are eager to socialize, boost learning outcomes, or even just have fun!  

The Kahoot Zoom App is an excellent resource that can be used as a team by coworkers or teammates, to have fun, interact, and connect online. To streamline the team building experience, users can use Kahoot for Zoom to host and join interactive learning sessions and presentations directly in Zoom. Simply set up a game with intriguing multiple choice questions, send the link to your teammates, and have fun during your next Zoom meeting! 

Prioritize Human-to-human Connection with Remo 

Remo vous permet de vous connecter avec d'autres personnes en temps réel en vous fournissant les outils dont vous avez besoin pour vous immerger dans un événement, organiser des tables rondes, créer un atelier ou un brainstorming avec vos coéquipiers. Notre plateforme unique d'événements et de réunions virtuels interactifs vous permettra de recréer des interactions naturelles dans n'importe quel type de rassemblement, qu'il s'agisse d'événements mondiaux ou de réunions de travail à distance avec vos pairs, et notre intégration de Zoom rend les choses encore meilleures. 

Our Zoom integration combines Zoom’s easy-to-use platform with our dynamic immersive environment to create the perfect online meeting space so you can get back to the basics and prioritize what really matters.  We’re transforming the way people around the world connect online by humanizing online interactions and we want you to come along for the ride. Start your FREE TRIAL today! 


Optimisez l'engagement et le retour sur investissement de vos événements

Découvrez comment Remo peut augmenter la fréquentation, l'engagement et la valeur de votre événement.

  • 3,2 fois l'engagement des participants

  • Une authentique mise en réseau dans les salles de réunion

  • Fonctions de présentation interactives et immersives

  • Espaces événementiels entièrement personnalisés

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